Peaks Livin' A Good Life
DOB:  05/31/2019
Louie is our third generation westie!...."Parker"
 is his paternal grandfather and "Cami" is his grandmother.  "Izzy" is his mother and "Oliver" is his father.
Louie lives the life of a King!  He lives with a wonderful family that is acquainted with me through the Labrador Field Training that I also do.
Louie is about 15 lbs and has no health issues or allergies.  He is a social butterfly and very affectionate.
Louie has been "retired" as a Dad in the fall of 2021.  His family takes him to Doggie Day Care and they require the dogs to be neutered.....we agreed that in order for him to continue to live
 a wonderful life with his family that it's best for him to "retire"!

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